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Science Lab - Overview

Lalitha Srinivasan

                                                                      Science 2021-2022

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       Science Curriculum for Grades 4, 5 and 6;

           Grade 4 –August, 2021-November, 2021


      Fourth grade students will start with the NGSS unit on “Body Senses and the Brain”. They will explore the functions of , ‘Muscles & Skeleton’, ‘Eyes & Vision’, and ‘Brain & Nerves’ by doing a series of experiments and lessons.

       After completing the unit on Body senses they will start learning about Forces and Energy unit. They will do a lot of exciting experiments by making Roller coasters, Cars, and chain reaction machines.

Lessons- Muscles ,  Eyes & Vision , Structure & Function, Brain & Nerves

Speed & Energy, Collision & Energy TransferEnergy & Engineering-1, Energy & Engineering-2,

Energy & Engineering-3


Grade 5- August,2021- November,2021

         Fifth grade students will learn about water in the oceans, rivers, lakes and the ways to get fresh water from salt water (chapter 4). They will explore the water cycle & ocean effect by doing activities such as "rate of melting of ice", “Water cycle model", and "Heating up sand & water". They will be learning about weather & weather maps by measuring the weather and making simple weather instruments.  After completing the unit on weather and solar system they will start exploring the physical science part of the curriculum (chapters 8 through 10 and online lessons).

          We are going through NGSS transition and therefore we will be exploring new activities and lessons from NGSS curriculum.

        Fifth grade students will have CAST testing in April-May, 2022.


Lessons- Water Resources, Water Cycle, Weather

water & Earth-1, Water & Earth-2, water cycle, Extreme Weather


Grade-6, August 2021-November 2021 

        Sixth grade students have a new NGSS based curriculum this year. They will start learning about Microbiome unit. They will be doing a combination of experiments, computer simulations and lessons to learn about Microbiomes and their roles.

     After completing the Microbiomes unit they will explore the Metabolism unit. In this unit they will explore various human body systems and their functions. Sixth graders will learn about respiratory system, digestive, circulatory and other systems by doing a variety of experiments, simulations and lessons.