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Science Lab - Overview

Lalitha Srinivasan

                                                                      Science 2020-2021

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            Welcome to Science Lab. We are continuing with Distance Learning for this school year. Students need to attend the zoom classes and students need to turn in their assignments posted in their Science Google Classrooms. 


Grade 4 –April, 2021-June, 2021

            Fourth graders learned about properties of rocks by doing some lab activities such as,  Looking at Rock Specimen and Rock Cycle. They explored rapid changes on earth’s surface by doing experiments such as Earth Quake And Volcano Models, Mapping Volcano, and Volcano reactions.

    They are also learning NGSS based lessons related to rapid changes on Earth.

    Fourth graders will start learning about slow changes on Earth's surface followed by Renewable Energy Resources.

Grade 5- April,2021- June,2021

        Fifth grade students completed the physical science unit. They learned about Atoms, molecules, physical and chemical changes by doing a lot of experiments and reading lessons. They also learned NGSS based lessons & activities during this unit.

       Fifth grade students are currently learning about different kinds of plants and photosynthesis (chapter 2). After completing this chapter, they will learn NGSS based lessons on Ecosystem. 

Grage-6, March 2021-June 2021 

        Sixth graders learned about Thermal energy, Potential, kinetic energy and energy transfers by doing a series of lab experiments. Some of the experiments they have been doing include,  "Building roller coasters", "Materials and heat transfer", "radiation & radiometer" and "materials and conductivity".

       After completing the physical science part, they have started exploring Genetic variation, inheritance and reproduction & growth of organisms in the next unit (life science unit).

        Make sure to complete the Google docs for each week and turn them in.