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Fifth Grade School Supplies 2021-2022

**Mission Valley is asking for a donation of 2  or more reams of copy paper (white, 20lb)** 

1 pencil box for supplies to fit inside

2 boxes facial tissue 

1 pack binder paper 

1 dozen #2 yellow pencils, sharpened 

3 glue sticks 

3 Hi-lighters 

2 black Expo markers (dry erase) 

1 white board eraser OR clean sock 

1 box 12 colored pencils 

1 box 12 markers 

1 large eraser 

1 pencil sharpener with lid 

1 pair scissors 

1 ruler 

2 black sharpies (NOT extra fine) 

1 box baby wipes  

1 bottle hand sanitizer  

2 each 2-pocket folders 

1 box of 24 crayons 

2 composition books 

1 pkg notebook dividers 

1 ea 2 inch 3 ring binder

***Personal waterbottle (Water fountains will not be in use during the 2021-2022 school year. Waterbottle fill stations are available.)***


SCIENCE: Grades 4-6

**Please put these supplies in a separate bag from the classroom supplies and deliver to Science Lab.**


#2 pencils & pencil pouch 

Dry erase markers (2) 

1 box tissue 

Hand sanitizer 

Notebook (5th grade only) 


Ms. Wong's Wish list

Monetary donation for classroom purchases. Can be made online with My School Bucks. Be sure to designate Room 28, Ms. Wong.


Thank You